Education doesn’t need to be reformed
it needs to be transformed
– Sir Ken Robinson –

Employers in Kenya say that students leaving school are not adequately prepared for work. Over 70% of the students that sat the 2017 KCSE exam scored a D+ or below! In 2016 it was 66% of the students. Clearly, the education system is not working for the majority.

WHAT we stand for

Creativity is now as important as literacy

The world right now requires creativity, critical thinking, initiative, collaboration, communication, responsibility, among other skills. Collectively, we can describe them as 21st century skills.

Our schools need to produce students that are confident and capable of applying their imagination. 

Don’t squander student potential

Every student has great potential and it is the sole purpose of education to unearth it.

As much as passing exams is important, we need to go beyond simply preparing students to pass exams because the world will demand a lot more than good exam results from them. 

Every school is capable of greatness

Every school, however small or underdeveloped, is capable of producing the best. With the right vision and a strong focus on improving teacher expertise, anything is possible.  

But is this possible in my school?


Yes it is! Elewa helps schools deliver quality education.
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