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Elewa Teaching Assistants (ETAs) and Elewa Teaching Facilitators (ETFs) are elewa staff dedicated to the success of your school, by intensively providing you with the support and tools you need to successfully deliver education in the 21st century. They connect your school to the Elewa Network, a network of peers that combine their strengths and support each other in taking the next step.

Support in Your School

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The Elewa Teaching Assistant

The Elewa Teaching Assistant or ETA is your schools’ man on the ground. This is staff hired and trained directly by Elewa that is present every day in your school. The ETA supports your whole teaching staff by providing them with assistance.

For example, when a teacher wants to perform an assessment, the ETA provides that teacher with the exam papers for the desired assessment and uses Elewa technology to quickly and effectively mark the papers. Through the ETAs and their technology, an assessment can be performed, marked and discussed within the scope of a single lesson. The ETA is also responsible for keeping records of the students’ performance and prepare termly reports for the students on the assessments done.

Next to this, for some lessons and activities the ETA works as an extra hand for the teachers. Finally, the ETA helps in collecting feedback from the school that will help the company in coming up with adaptations to the TPGs that are in line with your schools’ mission, vision, culture and values.

The Elewa Teaching Facilitator

Elewa Teaching Facilitators or ETFs are highly trained and exposed individuals who are assigned to a geographical cluster of schools and visit those schools every week or two weeks. They have several responsibilities:

– They oversee the activities of the ETA and support them on a daily basis.

– They listen deeply to the teachers of each schools and provide them with suggestions on how to improve the delivery of their education. They provide the teachers with extra guidance and training on how teacher pedagogical guides and assessment results can be used and interpreted.

– They help coach and train teachers on student centred learning and the embedding of 21st century skills.

– They navigate and activate the Elewa Network in search of solutions for challenges.

The ETFs power a complete cluster of schools, and create connections between those schools and the national Elewa Network to bring everyone together on the path to continuous self improvement.

At high speed, the elewa network connects teachers and ideas from across the country. Ideas which are then immediately adapted to local school context.

The Elewa Network

The Elewa Network is the last piece of the puzzle. Through the Elewa network, we connect all schools, teachers and individual volunteers that are taking the step towards 21st century education with us. Facing similar challenges and sharing experiments, everyone in the network grows as we learn together, share new things and try out new ideas. As we grow, the power of hundreds of schools and teachers will be at your disposal through the ETAs and ETFs. These two furthermore help adapt those ideas to the context of your school.

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