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A Video Series

Understand what we do through three short videos.

As the world is changing at an ever more rapid rate, our educational system has to be able to move along with it. We developed several tools and processes to make sure your school comes out on top. Have a look at our video series, where we describe how we can start this journey with you. Education CAN be meaningful and enjoyable!

The TPGs

Teacher Pedagogical Guides

Teacher Training On Scale

Teacher Pedagogical Guides or TPGs are detailed teacher training materials that provide you with insights into how you can adapt the delivery of your lessons, in such a way that they deeply connect with your students.

Teachers that use these suggestions to merge with their own style of delivery, see increased student motivation, learning outcomes and teacher satisfaction as a result.

The DAs

Diagnostic Assessments

Effectively identifies exact areas of concern in student learning

Diagnostic Student Assessment enables you to, with little to none effort, gain detailed insights into how well your students are learning and understanding the content you are currently teaching.

Teachers that use this tool are able to identify exact areas of concerns. What is a student struggling with? What concepts where not clear and what the student needs extra guidance on? They use that information to make sure the students truly master the content and no one is left behind.

When introducing innovations into education, we cannot lose sight of the fact that every school has a unique mission, culture and unique values.

The Elewa Network

Bringing it all together

An ETA and ETF dedicated to the success of your school

The best schools in the world offer strong pedagogical guidance to their teachers. Elewa Teaching Assistants (ETAs) and Elewa Teaching Facilitators (ETFs) are elewa staff dedicated to the success of your school, by intensively providing you with the support and tools you need to successfully deliver education in the 21st century.

They help you implement Teacher Pedagogical Guides with respect to your school context, and help you perform and interpret diagnostic student assessments.

Is your school ready to dive into the future? Let us know how we can help you!



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