Senior Fullstack Engineer


As Senior FullStack Engineer, you will be responsible to develop and maintain cutting edge & sustainable software solutions using Typescript, Angular/React, Firebase and Kubernetes.

The Role

The Role

Product & Software Development   

  • FullStack TypeScript software development on a stack based off Angular, Firebase, Apollo GraphQL, Typescript, Node, Python, …
  • Work on new components and on proper integration of new pages and components into the existing component set.
  • Implement new functionalities for both internal and external clients.
  • Develop tests for key functionalities of the application to avoid regressions and to ensure sustainability and compounding of technical debt.
  • Contribute to Open Source Projects, Frameworks and Components managed by the organization or of interest to the larger product roadmap.
  • Kubernetes Deployment Configuration & Orchestration.
  • Consciously manage the balance between technical debt and client timelines in all technical decision making.
  • Develop and maintain a single codebase that will be deployed to both Web, Android and Desktop applications. 
  • Develop and apply advanced mathematical and technological reasoning skills that can be applied practically towards solving some of these challenges.

Design & Communication

  • Collaborate with internal and external clients to design, implement and come up with working solutions.
  • Run design sprints with clients to design new features at the start of a sprint.
  • Orchestrate introspection events with both internal and external clients.
  • Present progress to clients
  • Develop and apply an understanding and applicative use of a wide range of different technologies and software development techniques and practices that are cutting-edge but not widespread in the current Kenyan market.
  • Develop and apply advanced principles of software architectural and SOLID development.
  • Work collaboratively within a team of peers and technical consultants in modern organizational structures to quickly iterate on and output solutions for our customers.

    Who we are looking for

    We are looking for an ambitious and dependable person, hungry for personal growth and capable of taking responsibility. You should be an open-minded person that challenges all knowledge and assumptions and that is inspired to solve the problems of today’s societies.

    You have at least 5 years experience working for clients and have strong analytical, critical thinking, reasoning, communication and problem-solving skills.

    We are looking for holistic individuals that show a high potential for rapid personal development

    Other Attributes

    • Outstanding communication skills and ability to build relationships with people.
    • Demonstrated creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills.
    • Ability to understand Elewa’s big picture.
    • An eye for design and a passion for UI/UX, going beyond building User Interfaces but expressed in everything you do including the code you write.
    • Ability to present advanced technical concepts in manners that clients and management can understand.
    • Ability to manage timelines as well as client and project budgets.
    • Ability to provide Technical Leadership of projects and junior developers.
    • Open to receive & give constructive feedback in the course of working with both internal and external clients.
    • Able to crosscut into other domains and ability to quickly understand new complex problems.

    What we can offer

    We offer you a flexible and friendly work environment in which you have the opportunity to learn at light speeds.

    We provide an attractive salary and benefits to enable you to fully focus on the job. We provide you with the ability to further your knowledge and skills via a highly advanced and a personal ambitious training plan. We provide benefits and support in personal projects and development.

    Finally, we offer you a unique opportunity to become part of a unique highly-skilled international network of software developers, architects and technical consultants.

      Interested candidates should apply by end of day 7th of July 2020

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