Marketing and Communications Intern


The Marketing and Communications Intern is responsible for making audiences aware of the work and impact that Elewa and its affiliates are making in the education sector.

The Role


The Marketing and Communications Intern will be responsible for; 

  • Positioning the company’s products and services in ways that resonate with customers and users.  
  • Developing marketing and communications plans and executing them in line with organisation’s strategic goals.  
  • Conducting and sharing continuous research on relevant customers, education market dynamics, possible competition and trends to feed in-house strategies 
  • Communicating with target audiences in a bid to nurture customer relationships as well as run social media channels to enhance audience engagement that would result in business growth. 
  • Creating marketing materials such as brand sheets, newsletters, news articles among others to be used for online and where necessary offline marketing.  
  • Coordinating the creation and distribution of marketing and communication content including printed documents, media advertising, website content, and social media accounts. 
  • Supporting sales teams in communication and outreach 
  • Analysing the education market landscape and creating insights through reports and suggestions that will drive business growth. 
  • Providing regular and accurate reports and analysis that clearly demonstrates return on investment (ROI) of the various marketing and communication activities. 

Background, competencies and attributes 

(Knowledge, skills and abilities may have been acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training)

  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to build relationships with people. 
  • Demonstrated creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills and ability to undertake market research.  
  • Credibility as a writer. 
  • Credibility in the creation of video, website and social media content. 
  • Extensive experience and usage of social media platforms to promote products, services or brands. 
  • Familiarity with latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, social media communication and multimedia production. 
  • An undergraduate degree is required. 
  • Familiarity with Kenyan and global education market trends. 

Interested candidates should apply by end of day 1st March 2020

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