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Trust us for any challenge you have with the inception, design or implementation of learning/educational programs. We have a proven track record of excellence.


eLearning Program Design, Development & Production.

Design & Delivery

We help you develop structure to ensure your organisation offers the highest quality learning.


Educational Program Design, Implementation, Management & Research.

Our Brand of Excellence

Holistic Solutions

When we start a project, we aim to get a broad and local understanding of the context and problem first, before applying the global view and experience we have built up over the years. Through this approach, we ensure all stakeholders are served in the most ideal way.

Our main areas of expertise revolve around Continuous Professional Development, Train-the-Trainer, eLearning and Competency Based Education. We have a proven track record in the Education and Healthcare sector. That said, our expertise is relevant way beyond those fields.

Our unique background, processes and approach to projects enables us to come up with innovations in all the work we do. Innovations that result in scalable and effective educational solutions.

Past Work

Scalable & Effective CPD for Teachers

The “School Transformation Package” is anchor project through which we developed a scalable & effective teacher training program that replaces the inefficient practice of the cascading model for large scale teacher training.

After piloting with 5 public secondary school in Kenya, within a term, learning outcomes rose drastically as well as cultural transformations. 

From Analogue to Digital


Tangaza University College is upgrading it’s offering to students and cost structure by investing in eLearning. We have transformed three complete programs (one BA, MA and MBA) from a traditional face-to-face model to blended learning.

The Elewa Coding School

We have launched our own coding school in Belgium (https://elewa.education) that, from  2016 to 2018, has taught over 100 students from all over the world how to code in less than three months.

Over 80% of students went on to do internships as various firms across Europe and the world.


How we Work

We understand that in education and skills management, every situation is very unique. Education is not something that can be simply copied, but needs to fit the needs, vision, culture and context of the people or teams it is serving.

When we work with you, we will therefore first take the time to fully understand the context and the challenge you are trying to solve or the goals you have. We will then look at what we can do to help you solve that need.

Together with you, we will develop a concept note. Which in turn, can lead into our collaboration via a project. Talk to us about the challenge, idea or goal you have. We are here for you!

Elewa Project Lifecycle. Get in touch and let’s explore how we can work together.

“Elewa is one of the most innovative organisations in education. They are creating great value for educators and education institutions. With a very dynamic team, they are changing the game of how education should be delivered to impact the lives of the learners.”


Brother Jonas Dzinekou Yawovi

Director, Institute of Social Ministry

Tangaza University College

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