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Automatic Formative Assessment

What if you could, using simple and affordable technology, mark all of your students in less than five minutes? With amazing reports and        insights, and a pool of hundreds of ready- made assessments to chose from?
Look no further!


Engage meaningfully with students through formative & continuous feedback loops.


Diagnose problems in student understanding early and intervene right when they occur.

For Professional Use

Upgrade your presentations with real-time interaction.

Formative Diagnostic Assessments

Easy, Quick & Effective Technology

The one tool that enables effective implementation of the CBET Curriculum.

Perform effortless formative assessments with your students. Receive deep insights and amazing reports about how your students are understanding the content.

Automatically share detailed insights into how your class is doing with school leadership & parents.

How does this work in my school?

Want to have this tool in your school? We have multiple ways to engage. Talk to us and let’s start our collaboration. We’re here to help you reach your vision!

Additional Services

Formative Assessment is part of our School Transformation Package. Talk to us about our additional services.

Institution-wide or Individually

Whether you’re school that wants to fully adopt the tool, or a teacher that wants to use the tool individually. Maybe you have a separate use-case for the tool?

Communicate Effectively

Communicate to school management and parents without effort. Follow the system’s reports or use the school-wide portal.

Our content, or yours!

We have developed engaging and 21st century assessments for all subjects of the Kenyan secondary curriculum. Want to use your own? No problem!


Assessment Overview

Get a real-time view into the minds of students. How do they understand the concepts? Who answered what?

Provide immediate feedback through class discussion.


Student Profile

Visualise a deep profile of the student’s strengths and where the student needs support. Whether overall or as deep as at subject/content level.

Understand which areas the student needs to focus on and needs extra support.


Flexible & Deep Reporting

Want to compare your overall performance on formative vs results on the termly assessments? Want to see how students are doing across your different subjects? Want to find out how you are on track with the curriculum? 

Many more are possible!


Get in Touch

Want to take it to the next level? Get in touch and we’ll install our automatic grading solutions in your institution before you can blink! Different packages depending on your vision and need!

The Questions

Imagine having a library of high-quality, ready-made questions that dig deep into every subtopic of every subject in 8-4-4. 

Furthermore, these questions are designed in such a way that they help you understand how your students are learning. 

The insights go far and beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Every question has a reason why it is asked, tying the question back to the learning objectives of the student. Furthermore, every answer has a justification for why it is an option, allowing you to peek into your students heads.


Working with the Best!

Our partners and clients are amongst the best and most influential organisations and institutions in East-Africa.

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