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Schools offer quality 21st century education when the right vision meets the right expertise, education content and infrastructure.

Our package offers you the tools, approaches and close support you need to get there.

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Four Elements

Pedagogical Guides

Innovative, practical & detailed topic by topic teaching guides that offer ideas and continuous professional development to teachers.

Formative Assessment

Technology enabled assessments that are both diagnostic and formative in nature. Assess students rapidly and with little effort, even in the largest of classes.

Elewa Teaching Assistant (ETA)

Dedicated teacher assistants present in schools every day. ETAs help teachers prepare lessons and bring technology to the classroom.

Elewa Teacher Coach (ETF)

Highly trained pedagogical experts that offer support, expertise and a listening ear to teachers, supporting them and coaching them as they use the tools.

Teacher Pedagogical Guides

What they are

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Teacher Pedagogical Guides

Imagine having a guide that digs deep into every topic of every subject of 8-4-4 and can give you insights in the best ways to deliver specific concepts.

TPGs are detailed topic by topic guides that help teachers to deliver quality, 21st century and student-centred lessons. They help teachers explain to students WHY a topic is relevant and they provide teachers with innovative lesson plans they can model their teaching on. 

More importantly, TPGs are a form of teacher training. The TPGs are designed to equip teachers with specific expertise and skills needed for each teaching and learning context. 

By using the TPGs continuously over the course of implementing the entire curriculum, teachers get better at their work because each lesson becomes an opportunity for professional development

A TPG Exposed

Each topic starts by providing context about the topic and the concepts it contains.

Topic Objectives

To start each topic, we provide on overview of the objectives set by the guidelines of the 8-4-4 system. These set the tone on what needs to be achieved by the end of teaching the topic.

Topic Summary

Secondly, we offer a short summary that explains the main concept(s) taught in this topic.

The Why

The WHY-section is one of the most crucial elements of the TPG. Often, students find themselves sitting in class wondering why a topic is relevant to them. The WHY-section helps teachers to convince students why what they are learning is relevant to them. Every topic in the curriculum is there for a reason. 

The Why-section answers two key questions.

Subject Grounding

Why is this topic relevant in the larger subject? What concepts will follow on this topic? Is it the basis of a large part of the curriculum? Coming up!: How important is this topic in KCSE?

Practical Uses

What are practical use cases of this topic outside the scope of the classroom? How are these concepts applied in real-life?

Key areas make the topic objectives actionable. They enhance the topic objectives by adding desired learning outcomes and skills to them.

They offer a guideline as to what to assess and look for  in students who have gone through the desired skills the students should take away from learning this topic. They act as a guideline into what to assess in students.

Delivery Guide

The delivery guide is where it gets really practical. They are a collection of lesson-by-lesson ideas that provide the teacher with suggestions on how a topic can be delivered in such a way that truly with students.

Each lesson is based on one or more of our over ten different activity types and provide a base frame of reference for the teacher on how best to deliver the topic.


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Teacher Pedagogical Guides


What they are

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