Education can be

meaningful and enjoyable

We help teachers and schools deliver education for the 21st Century
“My goal is to send my children to the nearest school, not the most expensive one. Every school, the nearest one especially, can be transformed to deliver quality education. This means empowering and supporting schools and the people in them. Teachers especially”


– Mike Kipkorir Bill, CEO Elewa –

Teachers come first

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased

Teachers that start with WHY

We all appreciate when we know why we need to learn or do anything and students are no different. Imagine if for every topic or concept, a teacher not only tells students what they are learning about, but convinces them why?

Teachers that give meaning & enjoyment

Students that enjoy and find meaning in their education become happy, creative, responsible and productive citizens. Imagine if during every lesson, a teacher’s focus were on truly educating and connecting with the students not merely going over they syllabus?

Teachers that know when and how to help

Imagine if a teacher could provide timely and very specific help to each students because they know the exact areas of concern in their learning? Teachers that go beyond saying “wrong” or “right” to saying “you didn’t understand because…” or “you couldn’t remember because…”

But is this possible in my school?


Yes it is! Elewa helps schools deliver quality education.
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