to help schools deliver meaningful and enjoyable
education and significantly improve performance

Schools offer quality 21st century education when the right vision meets the right expertise, education content and infrastructure.


This is what the Elewa School Transformation Package promises to deliver


Teacher Pedagogical Guides (TPGs)

TPGs are detailed topic by topic guides that help teachers to deliver quality student-centred 21st century lessons. They help teachers explain to students WHY and they provide teachers with innovative lesson plans they can model their teaching on. 

More importantly, TPGs are a form of teacher training. The TPGs are designed to equip teachers with specific expertise and skills needed for each teaching and learning context. 

By using the TPGs continuously over the course of implementing the entire curriculum, teachers get better at their work because each lesson becomes an opportunity for professional development. 

Formative Diagnostic Assessments

Teachers fail to assess students frequently enough because it is time and labour intensive. Our brand of assessments help teachers assess as frequently as they like, very rapidly and with little effort. Even in the largest of classes. 

Our assessments are formative in nature in that they are designed to be undertaken by students during the process of learning at checkpoints such as the end of a sub-topic or the end of a concept. 

The goal is for teachers to very early in the learning process, assess how well students are learning and to tailor their delivery of the subsequent lessons to the rate and level of student understanding. 

The assessments are also diagnostic in nature, meaning they help teachers identify the exact areas of concern.

Low-cost technology integration

How does a teacher assess a class as frequently as they like, very rapidly and without the usual associated burden of marking student papers? The answer, use technology.

But then, how can a school get the benefit of using technology without the associated high costs of acquiring technology? The answer, use low cost technology.

The Elewa School Transformation Package comes with a tablet device that facilitates the rapid assessment of students in a low-cost way. 

It is amazing what a simple tablet device can deliver to the hands of a teacher. 

Continuous Teacher Support

Doctors have nurses, drivers have turn boys. What do teachers have?

Besides giving teachers the tools and approaches they need to deliver quality education, teachers need close human support to assist them with daily routine tasks and to give them the pedagogical guidance and coaching they need.

As part of the package, each school gets an Elewa Teaching Assistants (ETAs). An ETA is an individual, placed in each school, to work side by side with teachers with the sole mandate of making teachers look good. What does this mean? The ETA helps teachers use technology to assess students and to prepare for lessons. They take up all the routine tasks that teachers can avoid doing.

Elewa Teaching Facilitators (ETFs) are highly trained pedagogical experts that listen to teachers, supporting them and coaching them as they use the TPGs and Assessments.

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