Educational Content Development Intern


The Educational Content Development Intern is responsible for designing course content for Elewa’s educational, training and information programmes as well as development of Assessment Tools which are to be deployed in a face to face environment as well as in e-learning environments. The incumbent will be responsible for developing and delivering content for university level, TVET level, secondary school and primary school levels, mostly in the Kenyan education context.

The Role

The Educational Content Development Intern will be responsible for:

• Developing tailored content, ensuring it responds to the needs of the targeted audiences as well as make data-driven decisions for content changes.

• Designing all course contents and developmental programs for Elewa’s educational, training and information programmes.

• Deployment of educational content in various educational contexts, specifically in face to face environments, physical publications and e-learning environments.

• Conducting scientific research to inform educational content development.

• Editing large amounts of information and organizing them into training programmes taking into account the users and their context.

• Coordinating subject matter experts, researchers, digital media developers, UI/UX developers, software developers and all kinds of consultants in the seamless production of quality educational content.

• Writing plans, scripts, storyboards and developing graphical/media assets necessary for the development of educational content.

• Maintaining excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholder with interest in educational content development projects.

• Perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the management from time to time and which are related to the achievement of Elewa’s mission and vision.

Background, competencies and attributes (Knowledge, skills and abilities may have been acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).

• Knowledge, skills and experience in Instructional design methodology, adult learning theory, education pedagogy and Learning Management Systems.

• Knowledge of the Kenyan educational system; basic education, TVET education and university education including the new (CBC) 2-6-3-3 system.

• Strong evidence-based research skills.

• Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team.

• Advanced organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple assignments to meet the expectations and needs of internal and external stakeholders taking into account the timelines.

• Demonstrated creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills.

• Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and ability to build relationships with people at all levels.

• Must have adequate working knowledge of basic computer packages.

• Relevant university certification. A post-graduate qualification in a relevant field is an added advantage.

Interested candidates should apply by end of day 24th February 2020

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