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As we go through unprecedented times, it’s now more important than ever for your school to reach it’s students in new and innovative ways. We are here to guide you to that transformation!

Free & Curated Resources

A whole suite of free materials, resources & software that enable your digital transformation.

Training & Installation

Installation & Onboarding Support during your school’s digital transformation.

Personal Coaching

Elewa Digital Transformation Coaches that can help you through challenges.

Elewa’s Full Guide to Digital Classrooms

With Microsoft Teams for Education

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, schools all over the world are looking for alternative solutions to provide quality education.

In Kenya, making the transition from analogue to digital classrooms has it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. We therefore poured the over five years of experience we have in supporting teachers & schools in a free guide for you to be inspired and to help you plan your digital transformation.

Our Services

A. Digital Installation for your School

Microsoft Teams Installation

Installation and onboarding of your school on Microsoft Teams.

Physical two-day installation & training on school premises for staff.


Elewa App Installation

Elewa App for MS Teams, giving access to assessments, reporting & real-time coaching.

Worksheet & Materals

Worksheets & Materials to help you at each step of your digital transformation.

Coaching & Support

One hour remote support per week for four weeks.

Deluxe Package: 8hours/week

Why Microsoft Teams?

Reach Students at Home

With schools being closed, reaching students has become a real challenge. MS Teams allows your school to go Digital with a platform that is as easy to use as WhatsApp that is designed for teaching remotely in a manner very low on bundles.

Automatic Record Keeping

Assessments, Tasks, Attendance, … Everything can be tracked to the smallest detail. Amazing reports can be created that summarise all of this information in one great dashboard. You can track everything happening in the school to the second.

Continuous Training for Teachers

Through MS Teams & our platform, teachers have access to vast amounts of Training & Reference materials for their perusal, and are organised in Learning Communities where they are motivated to share and continuously grow.

We are here for you!

Through weekly calls & webinars, we are there for your school and teachers for every question they might have.

B. Personal Coaching for Management & Teachers

Personal coaching & mentoring at each level in case your management or teachers are encountering challenges during the digital transformation. We coach on a broad range of challenges and issues using our own in-house model which follows you on your unique journey of growth.

Working with the Best!

Our partners and clients are amongst the best and most influential organisations and institutions in East-Africa.

Have some further questions?

Please reach out and let’s have a chat! We’re happy to assist you!



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