We help our clients imagine a new future, creatively design for it and innovatively introduce new ideas to society. We help organisations across all sectors grow, solve problems and innovate using human-centred methodologies and design thinking.

Our special focus lies in the education sector. We have extensive knowledge, experience and networks, combined with the passion and originality of thought needed to make a difference. Our work with the various organisations we’ve worked with has led to tangible transforming impact.

Programme / Intervention Design

International Development Organisations

We help International Development Organisations to engage local beneficiaries and to co-create programmes/interventions that are effective and sustainable.

With our understanding of local contexts and application of our methods, we are able to help development organisations have an impact in the areas that truly matter to beneficiaries.

Strategy Development

Government . Companies . Organisations

The world is a complex place that is ever changing. We help Governments, Companies and Organisations look beyond their traditional approaches to strategy.

Good strategy comes from people having faith in the actions proposed and the discipline to see it through. We help our clients create actions born out of their own faith.

e-Learning & Training

Education Institutions . Companies . Organisations

We have a special interest in education and particularly in designing education that is responsive to the 21st century. e-Learning has changed the way education is accessed by the masses.

We help education institutions such as universities and other organisations with the need to train large numbers of people create courses that are highly effective, fun and contextual.

Product / Service Development

Companies . Social Enterprises. Entrepreneurs

Our design thinking approaches are a perfect match for entrepreneurs and social innovators. This is a unique group of people because they are always thinking of the environment they seek to make a change in.

Accordingly, we offer guidance and useful approaches right from the process of ideation through to prototyping and launch in the market.

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