My New Stilettos

Mary Ngugi, Education Consultant

03 November 2017

What would you like to be when you grow up? Nearly all of us encountered this question as kids. Well, did you ever achieve that goal? My dream of becoming an air hostess was shattered when I was in high school and realized that my vertical development would cap at 5’ 3”. I spent a few moments wondering why they only wanted people taller than me but almost immediately my goals shifted.

All I knew was, I wanted to end up in a place where I could grow and help others. I finished high school, still unsure what I wanted to become and when it came time to pick a university course, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. I also had the unhealthy idea that teaching is an easy job; just going to class and saying exactly what the text book said, easy! I also felt that teachers never grow too old for their jobs and so I felt safe.

Teaching is one of those experiences that you don’t want to forget. It has so much fulfilment, especially when you see a student getting a concept and developing it. It is especially gratifying when they do well in exams and they can attribute their performance to your guidance.

“Teaching is one of those experiences that you don’t want to forget.”

However, as I progressed with my teaching, I realized that our education system needs teachers who are willing to learn with the students. A teacher who is not too proud to sit and listen to a student teach and convey what they know. A teacher who knows it’s not all about getting everything written in a book but getting something out of what is in the curriculum. A teacher who embraces the co-curricular activities as much as they embrace classwork. My outlook had shifted, I really wanted to be that teacher who could be approached regarding any subject in life rather that for the subject I taught.

I sought out a way to do this – my new stilettos. As I grew as a teacher, I discovered the world a little more and one of those discoveries happens to be my new place of work – Elewa Company Ltd. I discovered a world where I could be that great teacher, approachable by everyone, and able to influence the development of education

I am beginning a new journey and I hope it gets me to that goal of helping others grow.

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