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The Weight

The conclusion was silently reached after all the reasons for putting off had been watered down. We strolled out of the small pub where we always go in the evenings to pass time as we gallop the cheap beer if we were lucky to be owning some coins and wanted to be generous to ourselves. The humour we always possessed was fading down as time passed by.

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Learn, Forget, Learn

I don’t need to be socratical or a psychologist neither do I need to attend any science class in order to make this crystal observation. Metric tonnes of patience has been consumed and a lot of calories have been burnt already. I don’t know how to express what most employers have been through.

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A new approach to teaching language in Kenya

Kenya’s curriculum requires that a student going through the 12 years of basic education learns English and Kiswahili every single school day. How is it then that at these language subjects are usually the worst performed during the national exams?

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Taming Teacher Turnover in Schools

Teachers are like a bank account. If you do a lot of deposits it will grow fat. But if you make regular withdrawals without replenishing, it will go dry. If we don’t invest in them they are likely to deteriorate in value. In this article, I provide you with some tips on how to do just that.

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How to be successful in Maths!

Looking previous years Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam data, Mathematics is the worst performed subject. Zach discusses some ways in which students can prepare themselves to avoid failing.

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