Finding a Balance Between Academics and Talent


Nakhabi Jacquie, Digital Marketing Consultant

27 March 2019

In a country where academic excellence is highly valued as compared to talent, many students hit the job market, forced to pursue careers they don’t like or have absolutely no interest in. This  makes more and more people anxious and depressed over an unfulfilling life; something that could have been prevented in the early days of their school life.


Every student is gifted differently and will not necessarily thrive in the academic world. There’s a great need to put the same amount of effort in students’ talents as we do in their academic affairs.

A paper written by a researcher at the Canadian University – Dubai suggests that the full focus on examinations to an extent can be detrimental to a young person’s progress. The paper goes on to illustrate the importance of teachers developing each student differently as there’s no a ‘one size fits all’ manual. Parents also play a big role in this. Many parents opt to take their children for holiday tuition where they can get extra hours of assisted learning to possibly give them an advantage of others in the next terms.

The goal? Better grades. Better looking numbers on a sheet of paper.

The pressure these young ones get forces them to exercise their memorization (cramming) capabilities just to fulfill their parents and teachers will of getting better grades and obviously, their will to avoid holiday tuition all together.

A recent article featuring Milcah Aziz, the founder of Blooming Buds Nursery School in Kacyiru, Kigali, emphasized that there is more to what children can do besides academics if parents and teachers spend more time with them. Aziz expressed that nurturing the other talents makes the education experience enjoyable since children get breaks from studies and participate in different activities such as sports, music, dance and drama.

Academic excellence is important in every child’s life but so is honing their skills and talents. We have seen many students who have dropped out of school to pursue their talents and have ended up being great icons in their industry.

The trick is in finding a balance between the two. Spending equal time in sharpening their education and their talent is very important and the student will greatly appreciate this.

Students who get equal attention in both their academics and in their special skills and talents end up performing exceptionally well in both as compared to students who are forced to focus only in academics.

So it’s upon us, parents and instructors to carefully assess each student accordingly, finding out their strengths and weaknesses and working to improve every aspect of their learning capabilities, thereby bringing up wholesome individuals who will thrive in the job market.


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