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Finding a Balance Between Academics and Talent

Finding a Balance Between Academics and Talent  Nakhabi Jacquie, Digital Marketing Consultant27 March 2019In a country where academic excellence is highly valued as compared to talent, many students hit the job market, forced to pursue careers they don't like or...

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Changing Girl's Attitude Towards Mathematics.Jancan Limo, Education Consultant26 March 2019If you are teaching mathematics in a girls’ school or in a mixed school, you are most likely to agree with me that it is challenging. I have taught in both and from experience,...

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The Strains

Teaching students whose motivation levels are in a winter season somewhere in Scandinavian countries is not a walk in the park. A story from a person dreading his mathematics teacher, that then became one himself. Karma is real!

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It did not matter

Students are not taught to communicate and express their ideas. KCSE puts emphasis on the technicalities of English and Kiswahili rather than on being able to use the language and to communicate. Yet communication is most important for the students lives. Why then, are we not teaching it?

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