Going beyond our usual methods to reach the majority of students

The Brief

Beyond Direct Instruction is a training series offered by Elewa Company Ltd that challenges teachers to look beyond their usual direct ways of instructing students.

This training is inspired by the Blue Ocean Strategy a business innovation tool that helps businesses rethink how they offer products and services to clients. The Blue Ocean is the untapped market where not many people focus while the Red Ocean is where everyone competes for the same thing. The Blue Ocean Strategy is therefore a way of thinking and shifting mindset that gets businesses to focus on creating new untapped approaches that will create value.

Similarly, in teaching, it is a teacher’s role to help every student achieve their potential and passing exams is the most important indicator to most students. This has led to an examfocused approach to teaching where teachers aim to send as many students as possible to university.

But how many students actually end up at the university? In the last three years, less than 15% of the studentshave found their way to university while more than 69% have scored D+ or below! This clearly means that the way we are educating is not working for the majority of students.

The Red Ocean is therefore the teachers that tend to move with the pace of the fastest learners that will most likely end up in university while The Blue Ocean is the teachers that look beyond their usual approaches with the aim of helping the ‘ordinary’ student reach their potential. The ‘ordinary’ student happens to be the majority in Kenya’s education system.

What to expect during the training

Effective teacher training focuses on giving conceptual approaches to help sharpen their thinking and improve their mindsets as well as practical approaches that they can immediately apply in school.