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Elewa is a Swahili word that means ‘to understand’

We are an education innovation company committed to transforming the educational experience of every learner in such a way that they find it meaningful and enjoyable.

We develop and implement solutions that support and strengthen the system and the people in it as a whole. We contribute towards strengthening and improvement of teachers and staff, education systems, processes and institutions. We develop innovative education solutions to solve pain points and we offer advisory services to others wishing to have an impact. We integrate technology in our delivery because it bridges the development gap faster than any other tool. All of our solutions are delivered through a human and personal approach.

We work across all levels of education, with particular emphasis in Kenya’s secondary education sector, the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector and Universities.

Our interventions are helping to shape a vision for quality education, building expertise among teachers & education managers, facilitating the development of great educational content and guiding the building & deployment of the infrastructure needed to deliver quality education.

Our Team

Mike Kipkorir Bill

Mike Kipkorir Bill

C.E.O. / Senior Consultant

I live so that I may help create a world of convenience. I solve problems, I innovate solutions, I understand people and ICTs are my preferred solution system.
Jente Rosseel

Jente Rosseel

Business & Product Strategy

I enjoy digging deep into a problem, gaining a true understanding of it and its context. Surfing on a versatile background, I use that knowledge to pursue true innovation.
Mary Ngugi

Mary Ngugi

Education Consultant

I believe fun should be an integral part of the learning experience. I enjoy creating a learning environment that is filled with fun so that teachers and learners thrive together and utilise every minute to learn.
Jancan Limo

Jancan Limo

Education Consultant

Having worked in schools all over the country, I understand the different problems that arise in different areas. Those experiences really shaped my view on the transformation I believe education needs.

Our Movement

The Elewa Network
In each school we work with, we have active Elewa Teaching Assistents (ETA) and Elewa Teaching Facilitators (ETF). Our network is a fun movement of people working towards 21st Century Education!
Every School is a Partner
Every school has its own unique context and values. Its therefore schools who are our partners and who are at the steering wheels. We work closely with the schools to support them with the implementation of their vision towards the future of education.
Join The Movement
Currently, we have over 30 Elewa Team Members and Collaborators. We are looking for a lot more! Do you want to be part of this movement? Let us know and we will get back to you when we recruit!



Elewa Company Ltd

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Contributing towards

THE SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)