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We are more than a company. We are a community of passionate and like-minded individuals driving towards educational change. From our believe, and our experience, that it can be done differently.

The Team

Our team lives to ensure that every individual has a chance to achieve his or her full potential, by enabling meaningful and enjoyable education for all.  We are a hard working but fun mix of different personalities building.

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The Team

Jente Rosseel

Jente Rosseel


I like to dig deep into a problem, gaining a true understanding of it and its context. Surfing on a versatile background, I use that knowledge to pursue true innovation.

Kennedy Adhola

Kennedy Adhola

Head of Partnerships & Operations

I look forward to the day when fun will be engrained in all learning activities, to the joy of both educators and learners. I strive to create such an enjoyable learning environment in everything that I do. Fun has to be part of learning culture!
Jancan Limo

Jancan Limo

Education Advisor

Teacher turned Teaching Advocate. Passionate about touching the lives of the learners by developing friendly teaching and learning approaches and resources. Taught in schools across all parts of the country.

Joyce Njoki

Joyce Njoki

Education Consultant

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.” Mathematics, logic, language and personal relationships empower me to understand, analyze and solve today’s problems.

T.H.E. Best

T.H.E. Best

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We are always on the lookout for talent. Interested in joining the education revolution? Have a look at our full-time, part-time and internship positions!

The Elewa Network


Our team extends way beyond head office. In every school we work with, we have active Elewa Teaching Assistents (ETA) and Elewa Teaching Facilitators (ETF). Our network is a fun movement of people working towards 21st Century Education!

Content Development

Freelance education professionals

We are currently working with over 25 freelance content developers. These developers have been able to build a career by going through our Elewa Academy Content Development program.

We select the best from everyone going through the program and offer a position as one of our freelance content developers. From there, we offer opportunities for full-time employment.

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Our Core Values

Human centred

We use collaborative and participative experimentation processes to develop our interventions.

Backed by research

All our interventions are backed by academic research conducted with partners all over the world.

Strengthening institutions

We work to strengthen existing education systems, institutions and service providers to serve the sector better.

Balanced approach

Transforming education by developing vision, expertise, content and infrastructure. Each is as important as the other.

Global network

We actively think about the challenges in education across all levels with a global network of education experts.

Using technology

Technology, when applied correctly, can bridge the development gap faster and better than any other tool.





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