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We believe Education can be Meaningful and Enjoyable and we believe every school or institution, no matter how big or small, can achieve greatness by providing quality education.

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Elewa for Schools

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School Transformation Package

When the right vision meets the right expertise, educational content and infrastructure, magic happens.

The Elewa School Transformation Package supports schools and their principals and teachers in doing what they do best, deliver meaningful and enjoyable lessons to which students love going to class for.

School Based Training

Our training packages are tailored to the needs of your school.  Our expertise lies in the cutting edge art of pedagogy and 21st century teaching and learning, as well as in how to organise your school to fit the needs of changing society.

All participating teachers will receive certification after the training.


Handling 21st Century Students

Formative & Diagnostic Assessments

Using ICT as a tool for teaching

E-Learning, Done Right

Most e-learning initiatives across universities in Kenya and beyond have totally or partially failed. The problem is not poor technology or the lack of content; it is how the learners are engaged.  eLearning goes beyond the digitisation of textbooks and one-way recorded lectures.

We are helping educators and education institutions create great learning ecosystems online where students consistently find authentic learning experiences.

Competency-Based Education

The market is currently evolving, especially in our digital age. Competency based education equips students with the skills they need to thrive in their current and future environment,

We work together with the market to design (blended and traditional) programs that equip the students with the skills they need to tackle to challenges of the 21st Century.


Elewa Certification

TSC requires every teacher to partake in both academic and professional training. We offer professional training and certification tracks to grow you as a teacher in your role as facilitator of learning.

Have a look at our upcoming trainings and book your spot.


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“Elewa is one of the most innovative organisations in education. They are creating great value for educators and education institutions. With a very dynamic team, they are changing the game of how education should be delivered to impact the lives of the learners.”


Brother Jonas Dzinekou Yawovi

Director, Institute of Social Ministry

Tangaza University College

Why Transform


Elewa is a Swahili word that means ‘to understand‘. We were born from a discontent with our own experience going through the education system.

Education is not serving the majority. As Kenya is spending over 6% of its GDP on education, 70% of students that sat the 2018 KCSE exam scored a D+ or less. Education spending is going mainly to increased access to education (more schools, more books, more technology) but staff remains untrained and the quality of education delivered remains poor. 

Students that do make it through to university and earn a diploma or degree, are often equipped with skill-sets that do not match the needs of the current market. This results in 4 out of 10 people being unemployed, yet employers are still facing challenges when recruiting. 

Something has to change. 


Education expenditure ($20^-5)
Students passing KCSE
Students sitting KCSE

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