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Large class sizes, low quality content and a myriad of time consuming tasks, hinder the ability of our teachers to deliver high quality educational experiences. At the same time, our education systems have not been adapted to the changes brought forth by the 21st century. Our education systems do not need reform, they needs to be transformed.

Our focus and expertise lies with improving the delivery of education. We identified bottlenecks that hinder the system and that put enormous strain upon teachers. We introduce small interventions that overcome these challenges and leverage an enormous impact.


We work with education stakeholders to develop context-specific visions for meaningful and quality education that prepares students for life and work in the 21st century.


With the pace of transformation in society, we need to empower our teachers to support students accordingly. We do this through training and providing effective teaching guides.


Educational content needs to be engaging, factual and contextual if it is to connect with students. We develop content that first convinces students why it’s useful and suggests interesting ways to learn.


Assessment is one of the most critical processes of education that teachers do not perform properly or often enough. We create tools and strategies that allow teachers to assess large classes easily.

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