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Teacher Interview Report

Kenya’s education system is heavily influenced by standardised national exams, the only measure for achievement of students, teachers and schools. This influence has inadvertently reduced learning in most schools into an exercise in preparation for these exams, which...

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Introducing Elewa 2.0

It’s all about trees. Soon you will be able to grow your knowledge! Hi everyone, As lead developer and CTO of Elewa, I have the honor to introduce you to Elewa 2.0. Elewa 2.0 is the new version of Elewa we've been quietly working on for some time now. In September, we...

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It all starts with remembering

How many millimeters are in one inch? How many kilos is one pound? How many kilometers are in one mile? Let me try to answer this from the top of my mind: 1 inch is 25.4 millimeters (this am sure), 1 mile is 1.85 kilometers and 1 pound is about 0.4 kilos. A quick...

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