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Education should be

meaningful and enjoyable

We help teachers and schools deliver education for the 21st Century

What we do

Education Solutions

We take time to understand the challenges faced by teachers and schools and we help them work around these challenges. Our solutions are aimed at overcoming the biggest problems in Kenya’s education sector.



With our deep knowledge of the education sector in Kenya and rich experience in solving problems in the sector using technology and through empowerment, we are able to give great insights to our clients.


Human centred

We use collaborative and participative experimentation processes to develop our interventions.


Backed by research

All our interventions are backed by academic research conducted with partners all over the world.

Strengthening instutitions

We work to strengthen existing education systems, institutions and service providers to serve the sector better.


Balanced approach

Transforming education by developing vision, expertise, content and infrastructure. Each is as important as the other.

Global network

We actively think about the challenges in education across all levels with a global network of education experts.

Using technology

Technology, when applied correctly, can bridge the development gap faster and better than any other tool.

Kenya spends more than 5% of GDP on education

Most families cite education as the second highest expense after food

Secondary school students study 8 to 12 hours daily! 

– and yet –

Learning outcomes remain low and static

Our Perspective

We share our thoughts on all things education

Using technology to achieve quality education for all

Education for all A core value of our organisation, is to make education inclusive and accessible to all. A part of this means we aim to provide access to the same quality level of education for all. No matter the background. We believe that everyone should have equal...

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Introducing Elewa 2.0

It’s all about trees. Soon you will be able to grow your knowledge! Hi everyone, As lead developer and CTO of Elewa, I have the honor to introduce you to Elewa 2.0. Elewa 2.0 is the new version of Elewa we’ve been quietly working on for some time now. In September, we...

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It all starts with remembering

How many millimeters are in one inch? How many kilos is one pound? How many kilometers are in one mile? Let me try to answer this from the top of my mind: 1 inch is 25.4 millimeters (this am sure), 1 mile is 1.85 kilometers and 1 pound is about 0.4 kilos. A quick...

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Changing an education system

Our Perspective We share our thoughts on all things education I loved my primary school because we learnt lots of things by doing. I am quite proficient with knitting needles for example, because when I was 11 years old, we had a two-week project in the making of...

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Contributing towards

THE SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)