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Improving the quality of education

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 ELEWA “to understand”

Elewa means “To understand.” We believe in a meaningful and enjoyable education for everyone. Therefore, we help schools deliver high quality education. We empower teachers and simplify educational processes. We are pioneers in “assessment for learning” in East Africa.


Kenyan teachers in most schools have an incredibly large workload due to large class sizes and under-staffing. This workload affects the quality of their teaching, attention they pay to individual students and their general productivity.

The majority of teachers in Kenya do not have the benefit of continuous professional development. This means they are not well versed with pedagogical approaches and skills to handle students in the 21st century classroom.

For teachers, assessment of students is a labour-intensive, time consuming task which they cannot afford to perform regularly – and yet it’s critical. Furthermore, current assessment methods do not accurately track student learning.

Most of the educational content used in Kenyan schools do not sufficiently contextualise and explain concepts. The content tends to focus on preparing students for exams and not attainment of the curriculum’s learning objectives.


We have developed learning materials through the use of our golden circle methodology.
Our sales processes help schools build a vision concerning ICT in education.
We offer training which trains teachers concerning the use of ICT in education.
Our solutions have low requirements and blend the on- (on device) and offline (without device) world.
Elewa 2.0
The Elewa 2.0 System glues everything together. It offers content, an intelligent learning assistant and assessment for learning.

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